martedì 18 marzo 2008

The Aglets GUI

At the end of the last year I finished committing a set of changes to the Aglets GUI (to be precise the Tahiti GUI) so that it is now more reach, supports Swing (the original 2.0.2 was written in AWT). The followings are a few screenshots I took on my laptop.

The dialog for the login is now more funny!

The main window provides now more information to the user, like the number of active threads in the pool and the memory situation. The list of the agent now appears different depending on the state of the agent (running, active, suspended, ...).

Just a refactoring of the create dialog and of the security one....

Other windows and widget have been adapted similarly. Some of them have been enhanced, while others have been simplified removing no more necessary options (for instance the settings of the preferences dialog). I hope the new GUI will be merged in the trunk as soon as possible.

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