mercoledì 29 luglio 2009

New GIT repository for Aglets

After a quite long suffering with the CVS repository provided by SourceForge, I moved the Aglets code base to a GIT repository, still hosted at SourceForge (see the official news).
I haven't moved the official CVS module aglets, but instead I've integrated my own branch which includes the new threading scheme, the new GUI (based on Swing), the new message queueing and the full localization of all messages.
I hope this change will ease the development and, in the meantime, attract new developers to work on the code base. Quite surprisingly the number of project members is growing, even if the commits are not, but of course there must be time for new members to learn the code before they can work on it!
At the moment the documentation is still on the CVS repository, but I guess it will be migrated sooner or later. The CVS repository is still active, in order to allow GIT-newbies to take a look at the code without having to use GIT, but CVS will be disabled soon so I recommend using the GIT repository instead.

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