lunedì 2 agosto 2010

WiteCat now has a page on OSUM

I'm not sure it makes sense to have a page on OSUM, since the situation of what was Sun's is not clear to me, but I've created a page to make the WhiteCat project more visible. You can find the page here.
However, please take into account that the main information about the project will be available, of course, thru my blog.
I've used the same logo as it was adopted in the CTS 2010 poster.

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harini ha detto...

Dear sir,
this is a question about ur aglets project..
im using aglets 2.0.2 to create multiagents but i would like to know how to deploy these agents on a web browser? like i want to use the agents to track the user's time spent on my ive created a local webpage using php and how to deploy agents onto that sir?

hoping u would pls help
thank u

Anvith ha detto...

Luca sir,
Im doing a project on Distributed Intrusion detectio sysytem usig mobile agents for which i intend to use Aglets.

I hav the following problem ,when i wrote the simplest of aglets i.e a Helloworld program and i try to run it in tahiti it shows the ClassNotfound exception, I then tried pasting the class in aglets lib directory which worked for me.
When i dispatch the aglet to a remote pc ,it shows a requestrefused acception ,following which i pasted the calss file in the remote machine's aglets/lib directory
Kindly tellme are aglets supposed to run in this very manner or is the platform supposed to trsnport aglets by itself.

Luca Ferrari ha detto...

@Anvith: you should try placing the agent class into the public folder of you aglets installation and should see the agent migrating from one machine to the other. For further info please see the aglets manual and the official mailing list.

@harini: aglets does not support direct web browsing interaction. There was a project, called fiji, now died. You have to implement an applet that communicates with the aglets runtime.

Anvith ha detto...

Luca Sir:
I did read the manual written by you, Intitially i did paste the class in the public folder of my aglets home ,but Tahiti doesnt create an instance of the aglet rather it throws an exception int he name of Java.lang.classnotfound which indicates its unable to find the class, on the other hand when i do happen to paste the class in the lib directory it is able to create the aglet ,im unable to create it by using the public directory ,ive set the env vars as uve mentioned in the manual bu the problem is persistant