giovedì 4 ottobre 2012

Emacs Dataflex Major Mode

I don't believe there are many Dataflex programmers nowdays, I mean Dataflex for command line (not Visual Dataflex) developers. I had the fortune to torture myself in a previous job working on such an old language, that has some interesting things, but a very rudimentary syntax and approach. Anyway, as usual, I typed most of my code using Emacs, my favorite editor, that unluckily does not support Dataflex (again, this is the proof Dataflex developers are a few!). Even if nowdays I do not more develop using Dataflex, I decided to do a lisp excercise and start implementing a major mode for Emacs to give a little more support to the poor developer that has to maintain a Dataflex code base.
The mode is still a young creature, and I don't even know if I'm going to finish it, since I have to develop it in my spare time and to aim a problem I don't even have anymore! So far there is a small sintax highlighting (first picture) and comment support via the usual M-; (second picture), including comment out a whole region (third and fourth pictures).

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