martedì 24 febbraio 2015

2015 CPAN Pull Request: February pending

My February assignment was not a piece of cake: I got MyCPAN::Indexer, a module by the great brain d foy, yes the author of so many Perl Books, the launcher of the Perl Mongers, know, pretty much a lot of the Perl world.
Ok, what chance could I have to comment and improve the code of brian?
It does not matter, I did my homework at my very best.
The first step was to understand what the module was doing, and I have to say that the documentation did not helped me a lot. Then I had to try the module by myself in order to see when and how to make it working. And it took me a while to understand what should I do.
Please note that the module is by itself what brian calls a modulino, so a module that can be invoked also as a standalone application.

The code layout is...well, let me call strange. It is something I will not use, and something my Emacs refuses to use quite well, so this made changes a little more difficult. However, I limited myself to change the documentation and fix a few dependencies (optionals), as well as compressing a branch. Nothing really interesting, some monkey patching, but hey, it was a little too hard for me to do in a single month!
But I'm really happy, even if at the time of writing my patch has not yet been merged, and even if it will never be. It has been a great opportunity to be forced to learn from a real Perl guru!

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