sabato 3 gennaio 2009

The dragoon took the field

In the last training of the 2008 I weared my new quiver, an Angel quiver that my parents gave me as Christmas gift. The following are some pictures of my new quiver, that is a black main body with blue lace and white stripes. I put my surname (fluca) on the quiver body with orange letters, but I did not put it on the belt since I don't want my quiver to be too much showy. The belt is, of course, black, with white stripes that recall the stripes on the quiver body.
The quiver has a very comfortable shape, and its material is really solid and light.

I'm very happy about this gift, and it is very important for me since it came from my parents, that have spent a lot of time and efforts in my young archery education. It is also for this reason that I placed the word fluca instead of luca on the quiver, and my parents know what it means to us.
Since I ordered the quiver directly from Japan, I decided to make it even more custom applying a golden dragoon on the pochette.

I ordered the quiver at Angel Direct, that is the Angel front-end for international orders, and I must admit that people at Angel Direct has been very kind and available. In particular Akinori Hirama, that provided me unvaluable support in deciding the colors and the finishes of the whole quiver.

I've always dreamed about an Angel quiver, but I was also scared of wearing it, since it is the champions' quiver, and I'm no more, not now, a champion. On the other hand, having this gift from my parents stresses how archery has been important in my youth and my family.

I'm very proud of this quiver and of the gift my parents did to me.

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